Press Release

EXWRAISTIKOS & ΠΟΛΙΤΙΣΤΙΚΟΣ ΣΥΛΛΟΓΟΣ “ΑΜΠΕΛΑΣ” ΠΑΡΟΣΔΕΛΤΙΟ ΤΥΠΟΥΤην Κυριακή 31 Jan 2016 successfully held the cutting of vasilopita of our Association. With great joy, in the restaurant "Argyris", who hosted us Mr. Yiannis Petropoulos with his family, welcome members and friends of our Club, who filled the sunny courtyard with festive mood.The cutting of our celebration cake, Blessed Protopresbyter Peter Kortianos, ενώ το φλουρί έπεσε στην διδαΔαβερώνα Εμμαουέλλα ,which took and the gift that came with, an electric blanket,who graciously offered us the electrical store Koukouzeles Market Electric.This was followed by greetings of the President of the Association Mrs. Stella Fyrogeni Antipariotis and aldermen k Tripolitsiwti George and Mr. Yiannis Petropoulos.The event ended with treats, the chrysocheres and active women of Ambela had prepared to accompany the coffee and Souma, overlooking the port of Ambela.We wish all our members and friends of the Association from the heart happy new year.With appreciation ,Για το ΔΣΗ ΠρόεδροςΣτέλλα Φυρογένη-ΑντιπαριώτηΗ ΓραμματέαςΓεωργία Τριπολιτσώτη