FIX : Creation of a new BOARD of DIRECTORS

EXWRAΪSTIKOS & CULTURAL ASSOCIATION "AMPELAS PAROU  » Paros 14/09/2015NO.. PR. 38   FIX : Creation of a new BOARD For  : Municipality of Naoussa ParoyKDEPA Apartment ParoyMME ParoyDimotiko   After the elections that were held on 28 August 2015, the 2nd Board. of Exwraϊstikoy & The Cultural Association "Ambelás» Paros, established unanimously in body with the following composition:
• President, Stella Fyrogeni Antipariotis
• Vice President, Anna Bentoyri
• General Secretary, Georgia Tripolitswti
• Treasurer, Maria Tripolitsiwti
• Members: Nikitas Antipariwtis, Maria Menegoy and Friday Forceps
• Alternates: Eliza Grigoratou, Katerina Peppa-Foifa
  the Elektiki Committee is composed of the: Tripolitswti Garyfallia, Antipariotis Lucia , with associate Filio Ntelopoyloy .  The Board , is at your disposal and seeking input from all in a spirit of cooperation, with suggestions and ideas in order to respond more effectively to the work of. Wait for all friends of Ambela and Club members to frame our actions.You can contact us on the phone 2284052362 and online at [email protected] .sincerely  ,For the DOSE the President Fyrogeni GrammateasStella Antiparioti. Georgia Tripolitsioti