EXWRAISTIKOS & POLITISTIKOS SYLLOGOS "AMPELAS" PAROSParos 24/07/15 NO.. CFI. 34 The Exwraistikos & Cultural Association "Agios Andreas", thanked the Mayor of PAROS k Mark Kwbaio, the Deputy Mayor Ms. Sarri Papakyrilloy Gifts, the Chairman of the Port of PAROS k Stavros Karahalios for the excellent cooperation & practical support, sponsors who have supported and citizens members and friends of our Club, for the voluntary, conscious and responsible participation in a selfless collective action and an act of love for the Ambela, starting from the need to protect human life from imminent danger of a serious traffic accident, due to deposition of katakrimnisews and coastal road, rehabilitation of a cliff & resurfacing several measures , but and performance & access to the public one more free beach in Ambelas ,just after the Church of Agia Anna .The Exwraistikos & Cultural Association "Agios Andreas", wishes to thank you publicly for your participation in this action, mainly because in tough economic times that we are living, the Club apart from the principles of our country found recipients and many helpers citizens alert, municipal councilors and local businesses.Among these, We thank in particular Councillors k. Peter Roysso, for the disposal of machinery ,trucks, transport & disposal of inert materials ,Mr. Dimitrios Antipariotis ,for placing aggregates , the quarry of Afon Riga ,for placing aggregates ,Mr. George & Iota Christoforou, for the transport and disposal of inert materials, Mr Manolis Daberwna for transportation and distribution of aggregates ,Mr Costas Louki, for working machinery ,Mr Gianni Skaramanga ,for transporting water and washing the pavement, Syrianos company Trade building materials LTD and Mr Papagiakoymo for the supply of aggregates and the Valentino company SA and Mr Zacharia Roysso for the discount offer in concrete .This project was, in the sole, respect for and protection of human life and the future of our children .Finally we would like to thank all the members of the Board of our Association, for the consensus, consultation & cooperation ,and all residents , Members, friends and vacationers ambelas , γιατί τελικά … ΟΛΟΙ ΜΑΖΙ , MANY CAN !!!Με εκτίμησηΓια το ΔΣ Η Πρόεδρος Στέλλα Φυρογένη ΑντιπαριώτηΗ ΓραμματέαςΤριπολιτσιώτη Γαρυφαλλια