Transportation, from Naoussa to and from the village of Ambela

EXWRAΪSTIKOS & CULTURAL ASSOCIATION "AMPELAS» PAROYParos 04/10/2015NO.. PR. 40To: BUS STATION PAROYTHEMA - Transportation ,from Naoussa to and from the village of AmpelaErchomaste in touch with you and before you even finished this year's tourist season, on the occasion of a meeting recently we had, with inhabitants of the agglomeration of Ambela and almost all traders of our region ,who are looking for ways, so, to enischythei the bus link with Naoussa.Ambelas, in recent years has enjoyed a meteoric rise ,and expansion of the tourism season and we firmly believe, that should make adjustment of itineraries of KTEL Paros, so that these, to become more eligible than the passenger audience but also to follow actions view and support from all of us.We are prepared to support effectively ! We would like to consider, These routes to increase in 5 the day and to adapt to the following times, 11:00 , 13:30, 17:30, 20:30 & 23:00Please let us know, When we discuss our request , so that we can present and discuss ways of cooperation, because we understand the difficulties you and your business ,within the overall unstable economic environment ,called to Active. We look forward to your positive response .sincerely  , For DOSE President Stella Fyrogeni-AntipariwtiI Secretary Tripolitswti Georgia