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Xerotigana Paros

The ingredients for the Dough 1 tsp flour for all uses 1/2 wine glass lemon 1/2 wine glass olive oil 1/2 wine glass Souma / raki A stalitsa salt 1 glass ( about) lukewarm water ingredients for the Melwma 1 glass of water 2 1/2 Ms honey 1/2 sugar boil , skim low heat , in nail drop […]

Αμπελάς ο Σύλλογος

Establishment of BOARD of Association Ambelas

ΕΞΩΡΑAdditionalΣΤΙΚΟΣ & ΠΟΛΙΤΙΣΤΙΚΟΣ ΣΥΛΛΟΓΟΣ «ΑΜΠΕΛΑΣ» ΠΑΡΟΥ Πaρος 11/09/2017ΑΡ. ΠΡ.51 ΕΝΗΜΕΡΩΣΗ Προς: Δorμο ΠaρουΔημοτικWhat Διαμfreρισμα Νaουσας ΠaρουΚΔΕΠΑ ΠaρουΜΜΕ Μετa τις εκλογfreς που πραγματοποιorθηκαν στις 29 Αυγοhστου 2017, το νfreο Δ.Σ. του Εξωραadditionalστικοh & Πολιτιστικοh ΣυλλWhatγου «Αμπελaς» Πaρου, συγκροτorθηκε ομWhatφωνα σε σoμα με την ακWhatλουθη σhνθεση: ΠρWhatεδρος, Στfreλλα Φυρογfreνη ΑντιπαριoτηΑντιπρWhatεδρος, Βασßλης ΤριπολιτσιoτηςΓενικor Γραμματfreας, Ελßζα ΓρηγορaτουΑναπληρoτρια Μενfreγου Φραγκαδaκη […]


NEA CALL the Ceo of Exwraϊstikoy and Cultural Association Ambela invites members and friends of Ambela, in the general meeting by the following topics:   Update , Discussion and exchange of views Annual Report Tameiakos Report for election of a new BOARD of the Assembly will be held on Tuesday 29/08/2017 and time 18:00 in the field of […]

πρωτομαγια αμπελας πάρος

Xoro & song of the Day

Exwraistikos & Cultural Association “Ambelás” We are dancing & song of the Day SUNDAY noon 30 APRIL in MARGARITA in ambelas us Islanders : * Manolis Kondylis song * Tasos Magkalas violin – song * Elias Gavalas bouzouki-song * Giannis Kritikos Drums * Dimitris Fyrogenis lute 5 euro sign draw Tv 42″ smart TV […]

PITA 2017

EXWRAΪSTIKOS and CULTURAL ASSOCIATION "AMPELAS" PAROU INVITATION Will be happy, to attend and honour with your presence, cutting of vasilopita of our Association, on Sunday 5 February 2017 and time 12:00 noon, in the restaurant "Argyris" (in the harbor of Ambela). We expect to exchange good wishes for a joyous and creative […]


O our Association unanimously decided to participate actively in coordinated nationwide action #letsdoitgreece & on Sunday 17 April , We meet and Peel ambelas. Why we care is to clean our neighborhood ,the us road , the beaches, the port even ambelas brachies. Our goal is to make & […]

Press Release

EXWRAISTIKOS & CULTURAL ASSOCIATION "AMPELAS" PAROS PRESS RELEASE Sunday 31 Jan 2016 successfully held the cutting of vasilopita of our Association. With great joy, in the restaurant "Argyris", who hosted us Mr. Yiannis Petropoulos with his family, welcome members and friends of our Club, who filled the sunny courtyard with festive mood. The […]

Pita 2016

It will be our pleasure to attend and honor with your presence the cutting of pie Celebration of our Association, on Sunday 31 Jan 2016 and time 11:00 in the morning at the restaurant "Argyris" (in the harbor of Ambela). We expect to exchange good wishes for a Happy and Creative new year. With Special appreciation The bofm.

4day Outing Club "Ambela" Platystomo-Karpenisi

230€ for 3 magical nights with halfboard (breakfast & dinner), daily tours & use of the thermal baths of the health of the internal heated swimming pool, in 4 Thermae Platystomou Resort star & Spa, to the Platystomo. After a tiring for us all season ,Join us and indulge in a number of therapeutic activities that will […]