Transportation, from Naoussa to and from the village of Ambela

EXWRAΪSTIKOS & CULTURAL ASSOCIATION "AMPELAS PAROU» Paros 04/10/2015 NO.. PR. 40 To: KTEL PAROS SUBJECT – Transportation ,from Naoussa to and from the village of Ambela keep in touch with you and even before they finished this year's tourist season, on the occasion of a meeting recently we had, with inhabitants of the agglomeration of Ambela and almost all […]

FIX : Creation of a new BOARD of DIRECTORS

EXWRAΪSTIKOS & CULTURAL ASSOCIATION "AMPELAS PAROU  » Paros 14/09/2015 NO.. PR. 38   FIX : Creation of a new BOARD For  : Municipality of Paros Naoussa Paros municipal district KDEPA Parou SMES   after the elections that took place on 28 August 2015, the 2nd Board. of Exwraϊstikoy & The Cultural Association "Ambelás» Paros, established unanimously in body with the following composition: […]

New notice of meeting

EXWRAΪSTIKOS & CULTURAL ASSOCIATION "AMPELAS" PAROS Paros, 12/08/2015 NO.. PR. 36   Dear friends and members of our Association, Please be advised that set a new date of conducting the election of the new BOARD of DIRECTORS ,because no quorum of the General Assembly of our Association. The new date is 28/08/2015 Friday day and time 6:00 pm on site […]

prosklish se synel;eysi ampelas

prosklish se synel;eysi ampelas

Call to Convention – elections

EXWRAISTIKOS & CULTURAL ASSOCIATION "AMPELAS» PAROS Paros 03/08/15 No. PR. 35 CALL The Board of Exwraϊstikoy & The Cultural Association "AMPELAS» , invites members and friends of Ambela, in the general meeting by the following topics : – Annual account – Tameiakos review – Update, discussion and exchange of views, the meeting will take place on Monday […]


EXWRAISTIKOS & POLITISTIKOS SYLLOGOS “AMPELAS” PAROS Paros 24/07/15 NO.. CFI. 34 The Exwraistikos & Cultural Association "Agios Andreas", thanked the Mayor of PAROS k Mark Kwbaio, the Deputy Mayor Ms. Sarri Papakyrilloy Gifts, the Chairman of the Port of PAROS k Stavros Karahalios for the excellent cooperation & practical support, sponsors who have supported and members and citizens […]

ευχαριστηριο αμπελάς πάρος

PITA 2015

EXWRAISTIKOS & POLITISTIKOS SYLLOGOS “AMPELAS” PAROS Paros 03/02/15 NO.. CFI. 26 PRESS RELEASE was successfully held on Saturday 31 Jan 2015 the cutting of pie celebration of our Association. With great joy in "caiques Hall", family of Miltiades & Anna Tantani, We hosted, welcome members and friends of our Club, […]

Christmas Wishes 2014

The Embellishing & Cultural Association "Ambelás" Paros, s.’ a festive meeting calls :”To us has God always robust n’ antamwnoyme and xefantwnoyme…”MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!HAPPY NEW YEAR WITH HEALTH,AGAPI & HARA !!!