Call to Convention

EXWRAISTIKOS & CULTURAL ASSOCIATION "AMPELAS» PAROS Paros 01/08/14 A R. PR. 20 CALL the Board of Directors of the Association "AMPELAS» , invites members and friends of Ambela, in the general meeting by the following topics : -Annual review-Tameiakos review-Update ,discussion & Exchange of views on Tuesday 12 August & time 18:30 PM in space […]

ambelas paros easter greetings

Easter Greetings

EXWRAISTIKOS & POLITISTIKOS SYLLOGOS “AMPELAS” PAROSParos 19/04/14 NO.. CFI. 17The Board of the Association “Ambelás” Paros ,We wish you Happy Easter ! May the Holy Light of resurrection to illuminate the lives and souls of all of us . Kali Anastasi ! With appreciation for the President's Board […]

Carnival dance 2014

On Sunday 2 March,noon, dancing and singing with Local Violins and Lutes, farewell Carnival. IN ” CHRISTIANA”, The Entrance 5 € AMPELA Dance, dance | shoes do not grieve | but those rest |at night you sleep.

Αποκριες Αμπελάς

Cutting Cake 2014

Happy new year from our ambelas our Association wants to thank from the bottom of my heart the Flora Fisilani which with the Golden hands of, offered us our first problem was that The pie was so beautiful that we did not want to cut thank you Flora ! We also thank Anna family & Christos Tripolitsioti who gave us […]

Cutting cake

Our Association cuts the pie of the year 2014 on Sunday 2 February, at 7 in the afternoon, in the hotel “Christiana”, located in Ambelas

Happy New Year Sweets

EXWRAISTIKOS & POLITISTIKOS SYLLOGOS “AMPELAS” PAROS Paros 22/1213 NO.. CFI. 13 Christmas greetings with the Traditional appetizers of Paros & Cultural Association “Ampelas ” Paros, wishes you good and sweet celebrations with two appetizers for Christmas traditional patties and turnovers of PAROS . Recently we teamed up on Ampela and attempted to shed light on the unseen […]

Thank-you for SMEs

EXWRAISTIKOS & POLITISTIKOS SYLLOGOS “AMPELAS” PAROS Paros 31/08/13 NO.. CFI. 06 EYChARISTIRIO To : M. m. e would like to thank all those who embraced the fledgling Club ambelas , supported our 1st traditional market , during the celebration of the local feast day of St. Fanourios ,offered volunteer work and their goodies and mainly […]