The island

_ Paros is one of the most popular destinations Cyclades.The position of the, in the middle of the Cyclades and the Aegean Sea, of secured a significant presence in Greek and world culturemap_of_paros already in the bronze age. Later reaches a particular acne forming apart features – cycladic culture that influenced the Minoan and ancient culture of Greece in General. All these elements make up the authentic character of the island with the particular color of, that is an evolution of an expression until its current form that shaped and maintained intact the island's identity.This color the visitor encounters in all facets of everyday life, from its simple architecture with the white buildings up to the cobblestone streets and small chapels that testify the mix of prehistory of the island with the newest Christian character of modern Greek, in perfect harmony. Since the arrival of the visitor to the port and capital of the island, in Parikia, can feel this special aura of the place with its Mediterranean atmosphere and simultaneously to find the comforts of excellent tourist infrastructure that make it the ideal island holiday destination.naousaphotoThen everyone can discover the beauties of the island's villages. In Náousa with the characteristic reverberations of the Venetians from the period of Venetian domination and the cosmopolitan character of, filled in from the port and the culinary delights offered by fish from local professionals. Near the Náousa one should not omit to visit the little village Ambelás with its unique natural beauty and impressive accommodation for every taste, Villas, Hotels, apartments, near clean beaches , that fairly included in best of The Mediterranean. Different color and other advantages offered by the Poplars , mountain village of PAROS with more traditional format that provides serenity and touch – mixing with the population and the culture of the place. Here are offered ecotourism accommodations with respective services .Similar experiences can be experienced by the visitor and the villages of Marpissa, Precursor and oak that additionally combine easy access to beaches, exquisite beauty of the island.All of the above constitute the Paros as an excellent choice holidays for many different possible guests, by young, Middle-aged , couples , families and from those looking for alternative forms of tourism.The beaches with the crystal clear waters vary , from organized beaches, isolated, even beaches for laggeris-paroswater sports, especially wind surfing. While there are many opportunities for activities like trecking,mountain bike, kite surf, drift trike, sailing yacht or simply engaging in traditional activities such as cooking in a wood oven, vintage, festivals etc.. Experience that is genuine contact with the place offer products of Paros, wines with unique taste , cheeses with a special Friday and sweets based on local agricultural production. Another form of tourism that is found in PAROS is the religious tourism starting from the Church of Panagia Ekatontapiliani in Parikia, a separate monument with religious and architectural interest.PAROS well covers with non-negotiable success the aspirations of all visitors with opportunities for a wide range of activities, for luxury or more economical holidays or just for enjoyment of heaven, of the sea , aura offered the profusely from the island. _ easy access in Paros is another advantage as it has excellent coastal connection with the harbour of Piraeus with conventional or high-speed ferries and air connection. The place still is an ideal base for trips to neighboring islands of Cyclades with direct transition.