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PITA 2015

EXWRAISTIKOS & POLITISTIKOS SYLLOGOS “AMPELAS” PAROS Paros 03/02/15 NO.. CFI. 26 PRESS RELEASE was successfully held on Saturday 31 Jan 2015 the cutting of pie celebration of our Association. With great joy in "caiques Hall", family of Miltiades & Anna Tantani, We hosted, welcome members and friends of our Club, […]

Christmas Wishes 2014

The Embellishing & Cultural Association "Ambelás" Paros, s.’ a festive meeting calls :”To us has God always robust n’ antamwnoyme and xefantwnoyme…”MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!HAPPY NEW YEAR WITH HEALTH,AGAPI & HARA !!!

Happy New Year Sweets

EXWRAISTIKOS & POLITISTIKOS SYLLOGOS “AMPELAS” PAROS Paros 22/1213 NO.. CFI. 13 Christmas greetings with the Traditional appetizers of Paros & Cultural Association “Ampelas ” Paros, wishes you good and sweet celebrations with two appetizers for Christmas traditional patties and turnovers of PAROS . Recently we teamed up on Ampela and attempted to shed light on the unseen […]

Thank-you for SMEs

EXWRAISTIKOS & POLITISTIKOS SYLLOGOS “AMPELAS” PAROS Paros 31/08/13 NO.. CFI. 06 EYChARISTIRIO To : M. m. e would like to thank all those who embraced the fledgling Club ambelas , supported our 1st traditional market , during the celebration of the local feast day of St. Fanourios ,offered volunteer work and their goodies and mainly […]


EXWRAISTIKOS & POLITISTIKOS SYLLOGOS “AMPELAS” PAROS Paros 30/08/13 NO.. CFI. 07 NOTIFICATION To : Paros clubs dear friends & your girlfriends know that after the elections of the 08 August 2013, the 1st d.. of Exwraistikoy & The Cultural Association ' Paros ' Naoussa ,formed unanimously in the body with the following […]

Disclosure requests

EXWRAISTIKOS & POLITISTIKOS SYLLOGOS “AMPELAS” PAROS Paros 26/08/13 NO.. CFI. 05 Towards : Naoussa Paros municipal district Notification requests, dear members of the local Council of the municipal district of Naoussa Paros , as part of your planning for the Technical & Epicheirimasiako program for the municipality of PAROS , the port authority & the […]